Software Architect SAP HANA, Veldhoven

Location: Veldhoven
Language(s): Only English Required
26 Sep 2020


The data Analytics software architect provides guidance to Agile teams on data analytics within ASML''s Central Data Lake, with focus on ERP-data. The Data Analytics software architect is responsible for defining multi technology intentional architectures to solve complex business problems within the ERP-data domain, with simple sustainable solutions (landscape simplification), using advanced analytics techniques like:

  • Data analytics
  • Text mining
  • Data discovery
  • Process mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive
  • Data science

The guidance leads to further implementation of a joint (developing) intentional architecture for all agile teams in this domain. For that the software architect aligns with stakeholders, like other architects, business experts, developers and management.

In order to earn authority in a non-hierarchical organization, the software architect is expected to be able to design and code prototypes.


  • Support the full range of day-to-day priorities of the Agile DevOps team(s), primarily focused on software design, development, implementation and operations.
  • Support the agile portfolio process by providing high level guidance
  • Design and develop software architecture diagrams and concept designs.
  • Contribute to requirements needed on a small team including:
    • Testing
    • Documenting
    • Supporting build system
    • Interacting with stakeholders
  • Self-directed and capable of working effectively in a highly collaborative and fast paced Agile DevOps environment.


  • Ability to design and code prototypes/proof of concepts (SQL, Python, R)
  • Solid experience of data modelling, data warehousing, advanced analytics, design patterns, SAP HANA 2.0
  • Experience with big data ETL and enterprise-level software architecture
  • Experience in setting up an integrated cloud platform using a scalable architecture (HANA 2.0 XSA, micro services/containers) enabling:
  • Translytics services (multi workload platform, real-time integration of transactional and analytical apps and capabilities in single platform)
  • Analytical data management services (Common Data models, data repository, governance, data lineage, security etc.)
  • Data warehouse services
  • 5+ years of experience in relevant business and/or IT roles
  • Agile architecture

Salary Indication