Programmeur C (Middelbaar)

Location: Eindhoven , North Brabant
Language(s): Only English Required
30 Jul 2020

Is this in it 4 you? Do you enjoy workingclosely together in a 3 to 4-member team? Do you want to set up ahigh-quality code base? Do you want to dive into multiple modulesof different sensors and convert them to our code base? Do you wantto work on an innovative solution to help save the lives of ourforces abroad? Then this is the job foryou!


Your product
ViNotion has her own product range for trafficanalysis, crowd management, but has also been developing aspecialized product for the Dutch Ministry of Defence for the last10 years. This is what you will be working on. ViNotion appliessmart camera analysis and Artificial Intelligence to compare thesurrounding area in 3D to a previous recording, and automaticallydetect any threatening changes in the environment. This system canhelp save lives during international safety missions. The productwill now be developed to industrial grade, and also integrated withmultiple sensors and algorithms from other companies. The current2-member team has extensive experience in algorithm design, and youwill help the team in code implementation and system design: Makingthe code fast, robust andmaintainable.

Yourtypical day at ViNotion
With a clear mindyou enter your office, whether this is at home during this coronaperiod, or at the office in Eindhoven. You get a cup of coffee andstart up your work. Your colleagues drop in as well and you discussthe latest news. You start with checking the planning tool Jira foryour active and future tasks. You see that a colleague is workingon a part of the software architecture on which you had some greatideas the other day, so you discuss your ideas and work out theinterfaces. Afterwards you continue with your own code; You checkGitLab for feedback from colleagues on your latest Merge Request,adjust your code and re-submit.
In the afternoon youdiscuss the progress with your team lead, and start the conversionof a component of the old codebase into the new framework. You getin your zone and start creating even better written code than youdid yesterday. Proud of your work, you leave your office and beready for tomorrow: Another energized day atViNotion.

Your focus areas
In short, your focus is on setting the standardfor the code quality of the product. You use your knowledge tointegrate/convert existing sensor modules from different companiesinto the product of ViNotion, and setup the system architecture tobe industrial-grade.


Technical Experiencesummary

  •  Must-have: Extensiveskills in C++. Useful to know: OpenCV, C++11,C++14;
  • Must-have: Extensive skills inPython;
  • Very useful: Experience withcomponent-based design, such as ROS;
  • Useful:Experience in working with Linux.


  • Enjoying to be in the “zone” andwriting code for multiple hours at atime;
  •  Able to thoroughly investigate codefrom other companies withoutdocumentation;
  • From a European NATO country(due to possible screening);
  • Preferablyspeaking Dutch. Not a requisite, but you are aware that most of theViNotion team is Dutch; Preferably living in or close toEindhoven;
  • Aware that the interview process canalso consist of a VOGcheck.

What weoffer

  • 27 vacation days +public holidays
  • € 3.200 - € 4.200 salary,dependent on experience
  • Travelallowance
  • A one-year contract with room for afixed position
  • Yearly bonus based on apercentage of the companyprofits