Location: Tilburg , North Brabant
Language(s): Only English Required
14 Oct 2020

Clothes, belts, shoes and accessories!Pink shoes, blue shirts, green dresses. All the colours! Is itsomething that’s constantly on your mind? Always busy with allsorts of fashion and looking for a job as a warehouse employee?Well, perfect!   It’s possible at XPO Tilburg! Modernwarehouse, lots of fashion, lots of people! Sounds nice? Okay then,this job as warehouse employee at XPO Tilburg might be just perfectfor you!

You will be working as a warehouseemployee in a distribution center of a worldwide known fashionbrand. In this modern warehouse the orders are handled from A to Z:Picking the order to making it ready for shipment. If clothesaren’t really what the customers expected: we also process all thereturns from The Netherlands, Germany and France! Now that soundslike a diverse job as warehouse employee, right?! In this modernwarehouse no day is the same. When you walk in, you see thingsgoing on everywhere: hangers with clothes that get lifted aboveyour head, shoe boxes on the production line rushing past you and alot of colleagues that’d love to welcome you in theirteam!

This is what you’llget:
Since the first day by XPO you cancount on:

  • A salary of €10,51 per hour(21+)
  • No experience yet? Then it''ll be €10,30the first 4 weeks!
  • Shift allowances! Between19:00h and 06:00h you''ll get paid between 25% and 45%extra!
  • A flexible job.
  • Awarehouse job with a lot of possibilities to grow further to(assistant-)team leader or coordinator.
  • Afulltime or parttime job in a big and modern warehouse.
  • Your salary paid every week!
  • Acompany with a very mixed culture.

You are:
First of all a great colleague and except that:

  • Available 8 hours a day.
  • Quite flexible to work on different hours anddepartments.
  • Willing to work in 2 or 3shifts.
  • Able to speak and understandEnglish.

Your workenvironment:
As a warehouse employee byXPO in Tilburg you will be working in one of the most modernwarehouses in The Netherlands. You will be getting also enoughexercises during the day, so just skip the leg day at the gym! In amood for a cheat day? There''s a less healthy meal choicein the canteen and of course for those who''s countingcalories we got also the healthy food  ;)  And ofcourse don’t forget about all the colleagues which are around you,and are always ready to help you!

Do you thinkXPO in Tilburg is the right place for you? Apply via the buttontoday! Would you like some extra info first? Call us on 076-5211818or ask your question

- Pleasenote: We do not offer accommodation at XPO Tilburg! -

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierinherkent.