Linux Developer

Location: Amsterdam
Language(s): Only English Required
13 Jan 2021
Linux Developer position in the Netherlands is a great opportunity for an expert and enthusiast in this field, because it will include a lot of work on the development of our Linux-based cluster management environment. Your full-time position will include responsibility for the development of our Linux based cluster management software with your team.
Salary Indication
3,800€ - 4,600€
Company Profile
The company develops and supports the software for cluster management and for managing and using clouds. The company headquarters is located in the USA, California and the European head office is based in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Being on the market for more than a decade, the company offers software products for different industries and has a set of enterprise solutions. Nvidia, Intel, Syracuse University and many others are among their clients.
- Master's degree or PhD (the latter preferred) in Computer Science or equivalent field;
- Minimum of 2 years working experience in the area;
- Mastery of Python and experience using Unix shells and related tools (e.g. sed, awk);
- Sharp problem solving skills and eagerness to learn and apply cutting-edge technology;
- Knowledge of Linux operating system and its` networking concepts;
- Familiarity with the most frequently included software into the Linux installation;
- English language proficiency;
- Background with high performance computing, clusters, high availability, OpenStack, Ceph, AngularJS, and software packaging (e.g. RPM spec files) would be beneficial, but is not strictly necessary.
- Preparing software stack for new Linux distributions and new CPU architectures;
- Test, pack and maintain third party software components;
- Operate software updates;
- Follow the most recent Linux distribution updates;
- Manage integration between our software and third party hardware and software;
- Advance built infrastructure;
- Develop a few Python based tools and applications.

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